The Commodore Hotel anticipate our guest requirements with innovation and flexibility. We provide sustainable top class business and leisure facilities and offer excellent service so that our guests have a memorable experience.

As a part of the local and international community the Commodore understands that its actions impacts those around us as well as the environment at large. We are proud to have received the Enviro Gold award from Qualmark for our commitment to being a sustainable luxury accommodation. 

The Commodore is actively involved in reducing our impact on the environment, helping various charitable organisations where ever possible and supporting local artists and suppliers.

As our commitment to helping New Zealand remain a clean and green country, we make sure to preserve our award winning gardens with utmost care, we continually monitor and aim to reduce our impact on the environment by implementing the latest energy saving devices. 

To support our community we source all our produce from locally owned and operated suppliers and utilise the skills of local craftsmen for any work done around the hotel. We re-used timber from our rooms during the refurbishments in 2016-2017 which reduced our actual consumption of natural wood by 60% for a similar project.


Carbon Footprint

We recommend Corporate Cabs who are committed to improving efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Our boilers have significantly reduced the use of fuel
We provide Tesla and regular EV charging stations with priority parking for EV vehicles to encourage emission free transport
Our Shuttles are fuel efficient and have reduced fuel consumption
Our refurbishment plans incorporate environmentally certified products.

Waste Reduction & Recycling

We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic, unusable polystyrene, garden waste and batteries.
Cooking oil and fat is collected and converted to bio fuel
Recycling bins are offered in guest rooms for waste separation
We use sustainable paper for our printed collaterals
We encourage our team to not print out emails unless necessary and also encourage others not to print out our emails.
We reuse printed paper for staff notes.
We delivery complimentary newspaper only on request and not otherwise reducing wastage
We send our food scraps to Chilton Farms to be composted and not added to landfill
Staff dry cleaning is delivered without plastic wrapping
We have significantly reduced our printed and paper marketing materials and our information is now on digital media.
We try not to purchase products with excessive packaging to reduce wastage
We have implemented a paperless programme and participated in paperless training
We Recycle the Rimu timber where ever possible

Energy Management

We use energy saver bulbs wherever possible
Our Building Management System controls the heating and cooling of the guest rooms very efficiently, saving energy.
Air Conditioning in non public areas are on timers and don’t operate when unoccupied
LED TV’s have been selected to replace old TV as they consume less energy
Our windows are double glazed to increase energy efficiency
Our Refurbished Rooms shut down when guest has been checked out.
Lights are dimmed and turned off overnight.
Lights are dimmed in restaurants and public areas in the evening
We offer incentives to employees that come up with ways to save energy
Energy saving fittings have been used for lamps wherever possible
Public Bathrooms have sensor lighting
Outside areas have sensor lighting where possible keeping in mind safety.
We offer guests complimentary bicycles for local touring with maps showing safe cycling routes
Ongoing rollout of LED light bulbs.
We replaced 3 old screens at the reception with brand new energy efficient ones.
Incorporated brand new screens for digital signage eradicating the need to print paper on a daily basis.

Water Conservation

We have installed dual flush toilets in the guest rooms
Linen is replaced on guest demand cutting down on water and detergent wastage
Trained our staff to only use dishwasher when full thereby saving energy, water and detergent
We use water efficient dishwashers that retain washing water
Regulate garden watering via sensible irrigation
The automatic irrigation system is turned off during winter months
Motion sensor taps in public restrooms

Pollution Prevention Initiatives

We have double glazed windows to minimize noise pollution
Hardwired the smoke detectors so they no longer require batteries
We have purchased two new Mercedes Sprinter, which are fuel-efficient and have reduced fuel emissions
Regularly service and maintain vehicles to maintain efficient running
Laundry bags are made of degradable plastic


We purchase goods and services locally where ever possible to build local economy
We buy in bulk to reduce package
Our key cards are made of recyclable plastic
Most of our wines is purchased locally or from within New Zealand


Bed and breakfast

Enjoy a night’s stay and breakfast for two

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Indulgent and Luxurious

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Swing into action

Make every swing count

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Antarctica experience

Meet the Penguins

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Experience The Wild

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Winter Conference Package

Are you looking for somewhere to hold your next conference?

We have a great winter promotion for you! Book your conference or event with us and we will give you 10% of your final event spend as a food and beverage credit.

Package includes:
- Daily room hire
- Data projector & other audio-visual equipment
- Full day catering
- Writing pads & pens
- Mints & water
- Dedicated support staff to assist during your event

Price per person $79. Quote: BEIA2023.

Book your next event at the Commodore Hotel.

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